GKN Aerospace Norway AS, as a part of GKN Aerospace, manufactures complex and vital jet engine components. More than two thirds of the airplanes with more than 100 seats use their components and assemblies, with the main market being civil large passenger airplanes. Located in Kongsberg, it employs around 500 highly skilled employees and had a 1.560M€ turnover in 2015. It is expected that the defects reduction in the shaft production line to be achieved by the ForZDM project will simplify the transition at GKN to higher production rates foreseen for the next years. Furthermore, GKN Aerospace Norway is in charge of the project coordination. GKN website

ENKI srl is a company specialized in the production of custom, multi-layer, multi-lumen braided and bump microtubing and microballonons for the medical and other fields of application .The company offers their customers a qualified support in the developing, engineering, design, prototyping and production of the product. ENKI, as one of the ForZDM project end-users, is proposing the medical microcatheter and microtubing manufacturing demo case which will serve as a basis to implement the 4ZD solutions in a practical context. ENKI website.

CAF, funded in 1917, is one of the international market leaders in the design, manufacture, maintenance and supply of equipments and components for railway systems. It is the only rolling stock company in the world which is a specialised manufacturer of wheels, axles, gearboxes and couplers. These components are not only assembled in CAF’s own vehicles but also as separate items which are sold to a large number of rail companies across the world. CAF activities in the ForZDM project are focused on the production process of axles including its new and multi-stage manufacturing line. As one of the project end-users, CAF is in charge of providing technical specifications for the ZDM system investigations and contributing to the industrialization of the proposed solutions. CAF website.

ABF-Industrielle Automation GmbH is an engineering company which provides automation solutions to different segments of industries (automotive, steel, aluminum, wood,…). Our solutions control plants, machines, transport and storage systems. They record production and quality data. All this happens in tight integration with ERP-systems, so providing efficient overall solutions. In ForZDM, ABF will be responsible for the realization of the data integration and knowledge management platform. This component will transform data from different sources (sensors, material and quality data, ERP/QM-systems…) into data structures suitable for root cause analysis. ABF website.

Politecnico di Milano, founded in 1863, is a leading Italian technical university where 40,000 engineers, architects and designers are educated each year. The main research topics of the Mechanical Engineering Department (POLIMI) concern the area of transformation processes of industrial products ranging from mechanical and technological characteristics of transformed materials to methodologies and tools for designing processes, the planning, management and control of manufacturing and assembly systems. POLIMI activities in ForZDM project are related to the analysis, development and implementation of process-oriented and system-level ZDM solutions. Moreover, POLIMI has the role of scientific coordinator of the project. POLIMI website.

Tecnalia Research & Innovation is the leading applied research centre in Spain and one of the largest in Europe with an approximately 1.500 people staff. Organized in 6 market-oriented Business Divisions, Tecnalia turns knowledge into economic profit for companies and identifies and develops business opportunities through applied research. Tecnalia brings to the 4ZDM project its expertise in manufacturing technologies, process monitoring and machine learning. TECNALIA website.

IK4-IDEKO is a Spanish Research Centre located in Elgoibar (Guipuzkoa), specialized in machine tools and advanced manufacturing technologies. It develops its research activity according to different research lines with the main objective to supply ground breaking technological solutions. Particularly in ForZDM, the above mentioned research lines are Involved: intelligent software, inspection and measurement, manufacturing processes and strategic innovation. IK4-IDEKO will contribute to the ForZDM project with the following activities: defining and implementing the data gathering system; contributing to the implementation of the system-level ZDM solution, setting up and testing pilot demonstrators and leading the exploitation activities. IDEKO website.

Montronix started its activity in 1990. It is an spin-off from Kennametal – Advanced Manufacturing Systems Division. Globally it holds more than 20.000 installed systems and it is a market leader for process monitoring with more than 2000 customers. In the ForZDM project, Montronix will provide competences on sensor integration for process and machine state monitoring. Montronix features a strong experience in sensors, signal processing and process monitoring systems developments, predective and preventive Maintenance, installation, and calibration. Its know-how also includes machine tools applications and production and machine state supervision (itronix). Montronix website.

Marposs has extensive experience in supplying dimensional measurement equipment to the aerospace industry, both for the manufacturing of structural elements and of propulsion components. The supplied technology has also been extensively tested in the automotive industry and in the semiconductor industry and includes combination of contact and contactless measuring equipment. Marposs is also a member of EFFRA, through the membership to E.R. - Amiat association. Within the ForZDM project, Marposs will co-operate in the tasks that investigate and define the sensorial architecture deemed suitable to monitor product coherently with the project models, with an emphasis on solutions for geometrical and dimensional control of the products. MARPOSS website.

EnginSoft, founded 1984, is a multinational company working in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science. Our simulation skills cover a wide range, from strength and durability to flow, crash and manufacturing processes. We are especially proud of our knowledge in process automation and optimization techniques. This represent a fundamental ingredient in the ForZDM recipe and will be our main contribution. EGIN SOFT webste.

nxtControl GmbH is developing state-of-the-art software products for the control, monitoring and engineering of industrial automation based on the IEC61499 standard for distributed control systems. It integrates the engineering of control logic, visualization, I/O connection, testing, simulation and documentation in one single engineering tool. The seamless integration of all aspects from the field level to the cloud level enables its customers to significantly reduce engineering efforts and to create better and more flexible solutions. Within the project nxtControl is taking care of the design and the implementation of a distributed multi-level control system to enable the execution of zero-defect-strategies. nxtControl is as well working on the standardization of results and on setting up the the pilot demonstrator. NXT Control website.

The University of Stuttgart is one of the leading German universities in the fields of engineering and natural sciences with over 4800 members of staff. The Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (USTUTT) of the University of Stuttgart is a leading university research institute with over 40 members of research staff in the areas of control technology, automation and simulation based engineering methods for the machine tool and manufacturing system sector. USTUTT has great experience from ongoing and successfully finished research projects and has been involved in MuProD, a previous project funded by the EU in the 4ZDM cluster. Thus, USTUTT will contribute in the field of control systems, optimization and multi-stage production systems in ForZDM. USTUTT website.

MASMEC S.p.A. is an innovative SME specialized in precision technology, robotics and mechatronics, applied to automotive and biomedical sectors. For over 30 years MASMEC designs and manufactures robotic machines for assembly and testing of custom components for the world's leading manufacturers in the automotive sector providing overseeing all development phases, from design and engineering of the editing software, up to installation and training. Situated in Bari, in southern Italy, MASMEC employs around 160 highly qualified engineers and technicians and it is expected that the turnover in 2016 will reach 25 million Euros. In the project MASMEC activities are mainly focused on testing and integration of ForZDM developments. MASMEC website.